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LPC (O) Winter Fellowship

Deadline to Apply: January 20th at 10pm (First Round). Applications will be accepted on rolling basis after January 20th.
Program start date: Monday February 2nd
Program length: 12 Weeks

If interested, please complete the form below by January 20th at 10pm.

The Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) is an association of members and supporters who share a vision of a prosperous, socially just, united and environmentally healthy Canada for all Canadians. Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party are building a plan that proposes bold policies, actions and solutions for middle class families.

LPCO deeply values volunteers and supporting them through training and skill building. We know that our strength lies in the Canadians that are part of our Liberal movement, and the support and training we can provide pay great dividends at every level of the Liberal Party. Our Winter Fellowship is a structured volunteer training program based in local communities and campuses across the province.

The LPCO Winter Fellowship will focus on building teams of volunteers and coordinating outreach activities for potential volunteers in communities and on campuses. Winter Fellows attending school may build teams of students on their campuses.

The LPCO Winter Fellowship program is designed to train, support and develop the next generation of community organizers, and to help the Liberal campaign expand our outreach efforts in communities across Ontario. Organizing is inspiring, yet complex, and hard work.

The LPCO Winter Fellowship is a 12 week Organizing Program. Winter Fellows will be members of the organizing team, helping to build neighborhood or campus teams of volunteers. Our training and techniques will incorporate best practices from the Obama campaign and across the country. Fellows will:

  • Recruit new potential volunteers through phone calls and canvassing.
  • Hold meetings with potential volunteers/campus organizers to develop relationships, and plan actions together.
  • Empower new voters by collecting voter contact information at community events.
  • Use social media to help amplify our Liberal message and to talk about the work that we are doing.
  • Help organize events and meetings to bring supporters together in communities and on
    college campuses to strategize about what the campaign should look like in their neighborhoods.
  • Recruit and develop local and campus teams of individuals who are willing to work together to hold outreach events to other potential volunteers and

Candidates for the Winter Fellows program must be:

  • Enthusiastic about helping to make Justin Trudeau Prime Minister and
    electing local Liberal candidates throughout Ontario
  • Interested in people-centered, metrics-driven work
  • Goal-oriented
  • Personally organized and hard workers
  • Strong communication skills
  • Committed to collaboration and team-work
  • Flexible and self-motivated
  • Willing to commit to 10+ hours a week from early February through end of April

Please note: This is a volunteer program. Upon completion of the fellowship,
participants will receive a certificate and letters of reference will be written upon

Deadline to Apply: January 20th at 10pm
Program start date: Monday February 2nd
Program length: 12 Weeks

If you have any questions please email

Please complete the form below and attach the necessary documents to complete your application.
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