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LPC(O) Eastern Training


2014 LPC(O) Eastern Regional Training Documents

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In English / En anglais

Vision for the Year : Hardwork and More Hardwork (DG Stringer)

First Time Attendees (Lynn Steele)

LPC(O) Update + Caucus Update (DG Stringer)

Importance of Fundraising Panel with Q & A (Kim Rudd, Carlene Variyan, Laura D’Angelo, Chair Tom Simpson )

Team Trudeau Information Sessions (Colin Lalonde and Shane Mackenzie)

Narrative Training + Doc (Elliott Lockington)

Canvassing Training (Ben Howe)

MiniVan Training (Elliott Lockington)

Virtual Phone Bank Training (Colin Lalonde)

EDA Presidents, Treasurers and Fundraisers Meeting (DG Stringer)

Youth Engaging Youth (Tanvir Janmohamed)

Q and A with Liberal Party Candidates (Neil Ellis, Mike Bossio, Anita Vandenbeld, Chair Tom Simpson)