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Executive Handbook for EDAs

Handbook for Electoral District Associations – 2014 Edition

Welcome to the LPC(O) Executive Handbook for our Electoral District Associations – 2014 Edition.

The 2014 edition of the Executive Handbook builds on the success that the inaugural 2013 edition generated throughout Ontario with our EDA Executives. Through my conversations with grassroots Liberals, I understand the EDA Executive Handbook has been used in EDA’s all over Ontario from Kenora to Niagara, from Ottawa to Hamilton, from Toronto to Windsor, from Cambridge to London.

The EDA Handbook is designed to help provide guidance and direction to EDA Federal Liberal executive members.

The Handbook contains job descriptions for the roles on a Federal Liberal EDA executive, fundraising, sections on responsibilities for other positions on the executive, updated legal & compliance requirements, templates, and sample letters.

The 2014 edition contains many new features such as:

  • A letter from our Federal Leader, Justin Trudeau
  • Submissions from the Ontario Young Liberals, Ontario Women’s Liberal Commission, and Aboriginal Peoples Commission (Ontario)
  • How to write your own EDA e-Newsletter
  • How to draft a policy resolution
  • What is the role of a past Federal candidate in an EDA
  • The need for more women at the EDA level by Dr. Carolyn Bennett
  • Outreach Best Practices
  • A brief guide to Liberalist
  • A reference guide to the National Nomination rules

Please read the entire document and pass it along to new or aspiring members of your executive for a further explanation of their roles. I know many EDA’s use the Executive Handbook throughout the year at their Executive meetings.

I would like to thank the entire LPC(O) staff, LPC(O) executive, numerous EDA Federal Presidents, and our MP’s for their assistance in producing the 2014 edition of the Executive Handbook. I could not have produced the 2013 or the 2014 Handbooks without your help. Thank you to all Liberals who delivered submissions for the 2014 Handbook!

If you have any recommendations for the 2015 handbook, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Tyler Banham
President – Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario)