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Management Committee

LPC(O) Management Committee

photo - Tyler Banham

Tyler Banham

photo - Geoff Carpenter

Geoff Carpenter
Executive Vice-President

photo - Phil ArchambaultPhil Archambault
photo - Danielle MasantoDanielle Masanto
photo - najva aminNajva Amin
Vice President Organization and President, Ontario Young Liberals
Kunal Parmar
Director of Operations
Omar Raza
Omar Raza
Vice-President Policy
Alasdair Robinson
Alasdair Robertson
Legal & Constitutional Chairs
Tasha Ismail
Cristina Taglione
Ontario Woman’s Commission President
Tasha Ismail
Doug Brydges, Ontario Senior’s Liberal Commission Chair
Tanya Kuzman
Vice President Communications


Regional Presidents:

photo - Roy BornmannRoy Bornmann
Toronto Region President
photo – Jennifer StebbingJennifer Stebbing
Golden Horseshoe Region President
photo - david johnsonDave Johnson
Central Region President
Tyler Johnson
Northern Region President
photo - DG StringerDG Stringer
Eastern Region President
photo - Tim LouisTim Louis
Southwest Region President